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How Aid-Assist’ Products Can Help:

How Aid-Assist’ Products Can Help:

Aid-Assist is dedicated to providing aged care residents with exactly the tools and services they need to live happier, healthier lives. Their products range from patient lifters to walkers, to nebulizers all with elderly satisfaction in mind.

With a wide range of categories to choose from, you can find precisely the right products your facility needs to increase your patient’s autonomy, and give them their freedom back.

Some of their products include, but are not limited to:

  • Hygiene:
    • Shower Stools: Allowing residents to maintain good hygiene and take care of themselves gives them a self-confidence boost and empowers them to maintain control over their basic needs.
    • Toilet Seat Risers: Without the mental and physical stress of getting up and down while using the toilet, risers allow the elderly to self toilet. Adjusting this height can be the difference between a resident needing assistance, or being independent.
    • Shower Commodes: With the risk of slipping and falling, shower commodes greatly reduce the dangers the bathroom can bring to older adults.
  • Daily Living:
    • Food Bibs: Residents can feel clean and secure while being fed, or feeding themselves. This simple product can help the elderly maintain good hygiene, no matter how self functional they are.
    • Angeled Knives: Ideal for aged care residents who have a weakened grip, or have lost their fine motor skills. Angeled knives can give adults with arthritis or parkinsons their joy of cooking back.
    • Angeled Spoons: With their ergonomic design, angeled spoons rely on motion from the arm rather than the wrist, increasing the functionality and self esteem in residential care patients.
    • Sippy Cups: Made for elderly residents with tremors or decreased mobility to drink confidently without spilling. In addition, adult sippy cups are ideal for bedridden patients that need to drink in a lying position.
    • Reacher Aids: Reachers and grabbers help residents that may experience difficulty bending over, or that suffer from limited hand strength.
  • Patient Care:
    • Floor Mats: Keep your residents safe from the dangers falling can bring with a floor mat. Used beside the bed, floor mats can drastically decrease the risk of broken bones and other ailments.
    • Leg Protectors: Protect your patient’s legs from bruising with leg protectors. Worn over the leg, these protectors are comfortable enough to wear day or night.
    • Hip Protectors:Specialty designed with padded plastic shields, hip protectors keep resident’s fragile hip bones from damage.
    • Bedpans: If your facility has residents that have no other means of urinating or defacating, bedpans are ideal to keeping your patients comfortable while bed ridden.
    • Body Positioning Wedges: Wedge pillows give residents recovering from surgery or other ailments extra comfort while sleeping or resting.

With a team of medical professionals passionate about providing the utmost care for residential patients, Aid-Assist is your solution for both one on one needs and the overall community. Rest assured your facility, and residents are in good hands.